1. These Regulations shall provide for the general terms and conditions of using the Website and the method of providing electronic services by TLP (Transport and Logistics Poland Employers’ Association) with its registered office in Warsaw, al. Jana Pawła II 23 (hereinafter: Service Provider) through the www.truckattack.eu website (hereinafter: “Website”).

§1 General Provisions and Use of the Website

  1. All rights to the Website shall be vested in the Service Provider. These include proprietary copyrights, intellectual property rights to the name, Internet domain, the Website, as well as to texts, images, videos, logotypes and the use of the above is provided for in these Regulations.
  2. The Service Provider shall use “cookies”; for details on the use of cookies, see Website Privacy Policy.
  3. Every person using the Website (hereinafter: the User) shall be obliged from the moment of undertaking steps to use the Website, to comply with the provisions of these Regulations.
  4. The User of the Website shall declare and acknowledge that he/she has read the Regulations, accepts their provisions and shall comply with them.
  5. Using the materials or databases provided by the Website shall not vest any rights to them in the Users.
  6. Without prior consent of the Service Provider, Users may use the Website as well as works and databases provided by the Website solely for purposes provided for in the Copyright and Related Rights Act and in the Database Protection Act.

§ 2 Services

  1. The services provided electronically by the Service Provider to Users available via the Website shall include:
    1. completing the form and reporting incidents through the Website,
    2. access to photo and video materials owned by the Service Provider or its Partners;
    3. access to statistics and maps published on the Website.
  2. The agreement on the provision of electronic services between the Service Provider and the User shall be concluded when the User enters the relevant URL address of the Website in their Internet browser, and the agreement shall be terminated when the User closes the Website page.
  3. Unless otherwise provided by separate detailed regulations on the services of the Service Provider, the use of the Website shall be free of charge.
  4. The Service Provider declares it shall make every effort to ensure Website use compliant with the Regulations and with the requirements provided for in the Regulations. At the same time, the Service Provider shall not be liable for problems with access to the Website, especially resulting from improper equipment, software or network parameters.

§ 3 Personal Data Protection

  1. The controller of the Users’ personal data voluntarily provided to the Service Provider when using the services shall be the Service Provider.
  2. The Service Provider shall process the personal data of Users solely to provide electronic services and gather such data to prepare incident statistics for the Website. Processing for any other purpose than indicated above shall be performed only upon obtaining the User’s consent. The data shall be processed exclusively on the basis of the law or consent expressed by the User.
  3. Every User shall have the right to access, modify and delete their personal data.
  4. In case the personal data are required to perform a specific service, their deletion shall equal to the User’s resignation from the specific service.
  5. The Service Provider shall protect the personal data provided and shall make every effort to protect them against unauthorized access or use.

§ 4 Complaints

  1. Each User shall have the right to file a complaint or remark regarding the operation of the Website by e-mail to: info@tlp.org.pl.
  2. Submissions shall be processed on an ongoing basis, no later than within 14 days. However, the Service Provider shall reserve the right to leave a complaint or report unanswered if they concern dysfunctions resulting from the User being unfamiliar with the Regulations, non-compliance by the User with the Service Provider’s guidelines and recommendations directly or via the Website.
  3. Complaints submitted to the Service Provider regarding services provided by third parties shall be immediately directed to the relevant third party responsible for processing the complaint.
  4. The Service Provider shall reserve the right to intervene with the technical structure of the User’s account and form in order to diagnose irregularities in the operation of the Website or a specific account, as well as to modify and affect in any other manner the technical aspects of the User’s account in order to modify it or restore the proper operation of the account or of the Website.

§ 5 Miscellaneous

The controller of the Users’ personal data voluntarily provided to the Service Provider when using the services shall be the Service Provider.

  1. In matters unregulated herein, the provisions of the Polish law shall apply and any disputes between the User and the Service Provider shall be resolved by Polish courts.
  2. The User shall reserve the right to modify these Regulations to the extent allowed by the applicable provisions.